Carrer de Can Dusai

They say Palma will never stop surprising you, and I find that true especially if you walk around its old town. It is full of winding roads that are great to intentionally get lost and forget about the modern world (traffic, noise, pollution, crowds, etc). From the peaceful Plaça de Sant Jeroni (we will visit it in more detail soon), walk towards the west on Carrer Monti-Sion and you will find different cobblestone streets on either side. The third one to your left will be Carrer de Can Dusai, a street with an arch entrance that will take you to the Carrer de Sant Alonso. The street takes its name from the Duzay family, who settled in Mallorca from Sardinia in Medieval times and there is again lots of history on every corner, as one of the greatest many patios of Palma (Can Dusai) is located at number 3 of this street.

I personally love walking around the narrow streets of the old town and enjoying the silence and the quietness, as there is usually not many people around. It really feels Mediterranean and it feels really authentic as most of the walls are made of stone. There is, however, a school called Nostra Senyora de Monti-Sion, so if you visit during school hours the area might be noisier than usual if the students are on their break! A few attractions nearby are the Museum of Mallorca and the Arab Baths, which will be also reviewed at a later time. Relax, we are in Palma old town!

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