Carrer Sant Domingo

Another beautiful street you can stumble upon is Carrer Sant Domingo, in central Palma and not far from the popular Plaça de Cort. It is a peculiar street as it can be overlooked from the Carrer del Conquistador, as it runs a couple of metres higher thus allowing a perfect view. There is a set of stairs to overcome the slope.

I particularly like this street because of the number of shops you can find here but most importantly, because of its architecture. Old-style Palma buildings can be found here in all their grandeur, most of them being well-kept as this is now a prime area in Palma in terms of property, so a lot of the apartments here have been totally renovated and brought to a modern standard. The balconies are very typical in Mallorca and are especially found in the centre of the capital, they are covered in ornamented glass windows to protect houses from both the hot and cold temperatures.

If you happen to walk down this street in your visit to Palma and want to get a few souvenirs, there are many of those shops around this area so you can enjoy a bit of shopping whilst you sightsee. There are also a few shops in Carrer Sant Domingo that sell typical Mallorcan produce, such as sobrassada, ensaïmada, Mallorcan salt and other delicious items, so remember to pay them a visit too!

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