Houses of Valldemossa

Valldemossa is one of the most visited villages in the island of Mallorca and it is difficult to get tired of it. It is beautiful and has lots of character, as well as playing a key role in the history of the former Kingdom of Mallorca (there is a Royal Palace in the village!).

We have already visited this village and mentioned it is loved by both residents and visitors, so it is time to show more about it. This picture was taken around Carrer Uetam, past Carrer Blanquerna where the famous bakery Ca’n Molinas can be found. When looking south either from this street or from a viewpoint nearby, you can get to see the city of Palma and the sea.

We mentioned Valldemossa has links to the old Kingdom of Mallorca and there is a proof of that in today’s picture. The highest building you can see is the Royal Palace or Palau del Rei Sanç. It was actually built by King Jaume II as a hunting castle in 1309 and later enlarged by the heir King Sanç. You can visit the palace today for a price of 8,5 EUR.

Houses are made of stones, the Mallorcan way, and every doorway and street is lined up with green plants and flowers, which makes us all love walking around the village! It has a rather bucolic touch, especially on cloudy days, so it is also one of the most creative parts of Mallorca and you would be surprised to know it is home to many national and international artists and painters that are happy to call Valldemossa home.

Another reason why Valldemossa’s character remains strong today is the fact that most houses show a religious symbol of Saint Catherine Thomas, who was born in the village. It has been done for many years as a tradition as it is said that the Saint protects houses from any harm. Valldemossa is unique!

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