Ciutat Jardí beach

Temperatures start to rise and the sun stays with us for longer now, so let’s move to the seaside. Today we are visiting one of the areas within the Platja de Palma district, to the east of the city. Close to the popular Portixol, Ciutat Jardí still has a lot of potential and I personally think it will end up becoming more a more similar to its successful neighbour.

If you take a walk eastwards along the coast from central Palma, you will be passing through Portixol and el Molinar before getting to Ciutat Jardí. I find this a great spot for photography as the bay starts to bend, so you get a really nice perspective of central Palma and its skyline, including the background mountains, the Son Vida luxury residential part of the city, the harbour with all the yachts and cruises and the monumental part of the old town.

There is also an extensive white sand beach which is excellent for some urban sunbathing or a quick swim, although bear in mind it can get busy as it is an urban beach and it therefore has easy access by public transport or just on foot.

Along the seaside walk, there are bars, tapas restaurants and other eateries, where you can stop to relax and have some food if you get tired or hungry. The extra walk from el Portixol is worth the effort as prices here are not as high (yet)!

Buses 15, 18, 28 and 30 stop in the area, so you have no excuse to stop by and visit the area. Let me know if you do in the comments below. I will be happy to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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