Mercat de l’Olivar – Fruit stand

Palma has made a lot of efforts in becoming the go-place for food lovers, and we have to admit it has done a great job. Starting from the bottom up, Palma town hall has worked hard and focused on the city food markets, which were a long time ago just a place to do your grocery shopping.

We are impressed they have been able to reinvent themselves, alongside international market trends, and are now not just a place where to do your weekly grocery shopping, but also a place to hang out, try something new or meet up with friends whilst you enjoy some great food.

A great example is the popular Mercat de l’Olivar, which owes its name to an old convent called ‘Nostra Senyora de l’Olivar’, so there was no olive tree field in that place, even if the two olive trees we see today make us believe so. This food market originated in the nearby Plaça Major, although it moved to this venue proposed by Gaspar Bennàssar in 1914, a famous architect from Palma, when the area was being regenerated.

The Mercat de l’Olivar is located in central Palma and lies next to Carrer Josep Tous and the squares Plaça de l’Olivar and Plaça del Comtat del Rosselló. It is impossible to miss it!

What I like about this market is that even if it is becoming quite touristy and it is quite normal to see tourists around, it still manages to keep its traditional vibe, with the same old businesses in a renewed environment that have adapted well to what customers demand today. Here you can find anything you can think of, from fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetable, to oil, spices, sweets, cakes or cheese. You can see in the picture how colourful the market is and that is an indication of their produce being totally fresh!

Not only you get to bring home some of the freshest produce in Mallorca, but you can also have it cooked there for you and enjoy it on site. The market has different levels, with all stands on the ground floor and a variety of restaurants and kitchens on the upper floor (as well as a Mercadona supermarket, which is always handy to complement your shopping experience). Let’s say, you buy some fresh meat on the ground floor and you feel like sitting back and relaxing – you can do it! Simply take it to one of the restaurants on the upper floor and they will cook it for you.

There are also many food stands that offer tapas and other food for you to enjoy at the bar. It is becoming very popular with friends and groups as it is a nice way to try different food and catch up with your mates. You can have traditional food, oysters, sushi, fancy tapas, etc.

If you like food or are thinking of visiting Palma for its gastronomic attributes (which are many), do not forget to add this place to your list!

As usual, do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions!

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