Palma’s floating heads

I am sorry if I scared you with the title of this post but it was definitely not my intention – it is not Halloween after all. I am sure many of you will have, by now, wandered around the streets of Palma’s old town (or Casc Antic as we call it in Catalan) without noticing anything extraordinary. Then, stop for a minute and check today’s photo. Have you ever come across a floating head in Palma?

As if it was part of a mystery, little heads made of ceramics slowly made their appearance in the old streets of Palma, especially around the Montision and Calatrava quarters. One of them first, then the rest of them appeared whilst we were still trying to work out what or who was behind all of this creative idea.

The one we see today is located at Carrer del Vallespir, a tiny cul-de-sac off Carrer de Santa Clara, close to the Arab Baths and the Museum of Mallorca. But there are many more! Carrer de l’Almudaina and Carrer de Sant Alonso are just two other examples, but there are more than ten for sure. They are made by Jaume Roig (also known as Gigre) at the nearby Almacén de Salazones (Carrer de la Corderia), in case you want to go and check the ones they have on display in-store.

Why don’t walk around the beautiful winding streets of Palma’s old town trying to find them all? If you are able to locate them, let me know in the comments below. Good luck!

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