Claustre de Sant Antoniet

This is a beautiful baroque little cloister located in central Palma, at Sant Miquel commercial street, even if you would not think so. It dates back to 1768 and it has an oval shape. It now belongs to a famous Spanish bank and is currently used for art exhibitions.

It was originally attached to the adjacent church of Sant Antoni de Viana, which used to have a hospital (Sant Antoni de Viana) in the same grounds. However, the King Charles III together with the Pope at the time Pius VI abolished the order of Sant Antoni in 1788, so the cloister changed hands and depended on the nearby Sant Miquel church from then on.

Do not lose your chance to visit it if you walk down Sant Miquel street. It is normally closed to the public but the door is open to have a look at the interior of the cloister, which is beautiful. Let me know your thoughts on the comments section!

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