Avinguda de Gabriel Roca – Cycle lane

Mallorca offers great weather practically all year round and a fun way to enjoy it is by using your bike on Palma’s cycle lanes. They are completely segregated from all other road traffic so it is a pleasure to go cycling on them. Palma now offers a whopping 72,2 km of cycle lanes to be used by residents and visitors, which is quite impressive for a city of its size.

One of my favourite ones is the one along the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, which is part of the extensive Palma harbour cycle lane (which goes all along the sea front). It is amazing to feel the sea breeze as you cycle along this lane, be it in the early morning or when the sun goes down, which I would say are the two best and most beautiful times to come and cycle here.

There are usually other people jogging or running next to the cycle lane, as this is one of Palma’s beloved walks by its residents. It is not unusual to see visitors renting bikes and joining the fun as well. If you feel adventurous, you would be happy to know that you can cycle from as far as the municipality of Calvià, crossing the centre of Palma and then get as far as s’Arenal (past the airport) just using a segregated cycle lane and always next to the sea. What is better than this after a long day at work?

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