Mirador Es Baluard

With the arrival of the warm weather all we want to do is stay outdoors and enjoy our beautiful island. A great way to do that is finding a high viewpoint or mirador which offers a view of what is happening down below, and Palma has a few of them.

A very central one that most people still do not know about is the one at Es Baluard, the contemporary art museum by the Harbour. Even if you do not visit the museum, entry to the viewpoint is free and you can come at any time and stay for as long as you want. It is located right next to sa Feixina gardens, on top of what once was the historic wall of Palma. You can access the museum area by Passeig Mallorca and then find a set of stairs after the entrance arch (not the first set of stairs you see). And there you go, here’s your magical 360-degree view all over the central area of the city!

In the picture you can see the magnificent cathedral in the background, with the Sant Pere neighbourhood in the foreground. It used to be a fishermen’s quarter and did not have a very good reputation for most of last century, however due to recent renovation in the area it is now one of the most sought-after locations in central Palma.

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