Pond in Puigpunyent

It’s time to talk about one of the villages that best describe my beautiful childhood and that has to be Puigpunyent. It is located in the popular mountain chain called Serra de Tramuntana (remember it is a UNESCO world heritage site) and not far from the capital, just about 15 kilometres west of Palma. It is a very special place for me as my grandparents have long had a cottage house in the outskirts of the village and as I kid I used to spend most weekends and summers there with my family. By the way, the name of the village comes from Puig Punyent, which in Catalan means pointed peak, due to the nearby Puig de Galatzó.

Apart from my childhood feelings, you have to believe it is a truly beautiful place. It is surrounded by high mountains and a lot of greenery, such as oak, olive, almond and carob trees. There are plenty of possessions, which is Catalan for country houses, and many years ago people used to live by cultivating their own fruits and vegetables and raising their own cattle. It was one of the first areas of the island to be inhabited and that is due to all the talaiots found in the area. The Romans settled here afterwards and that is seen through cereal, olive and wine production. Then came the Moors who left their footprint in terms of irrigation and many water infrastructures still alive and visible today (fountains, ponds, water canals or water mills).

In fact, today we are visiting a small water pond where you can find all the quietness in the world and really connect with nature. It is a bit difficult to find, so I will do my best to give you the right instructions. As you arrive at Puigpunyent via the Ma-1041 follow the road bordering the creek on your left and try and park wherever you can, after you leave the creek behind (or try and park somewhere else in the village and walk here, that might be easier). You should be at Carrer de sa Vinya, which at some point divides itself and one road continues at an elevated level and the other one at normal ground level. Take the higher level until you get to the end, where you will have to walk next to a field to your right and at the end of this rather wild path, you will find the pond. It will be worth it and it also proves Mallorca is more than beaches and sun!

Let me know if you find it and what you think of it in the comments section below and stay tuned for more on the village of Puigpunyent soon!

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