Port del Portixol

This secluded marina in the up-and-coming area of El Portixol is located just a couple of kilometres east of Palma cathedral (La Seu as Mallorcans know it). I am talking about the Port del Portixol.

It is one of my favourite places to visit as part of my walks around the city of Palma. If you come from the city centre, you will be able to walk all around this little marina admiring the little yachts moored here (there are almost 300 moorings). It is noticeably one of the most trendy areas in Palma at the moment and the Portixol Movement is happening at an incredible speed. It has only been a few years ago that lots of new businesses, restaurants and cafés have flourished in the area, together with property prices, as a house here can easily set you back over a million euros if you fancy living right in front of the sea.

I quite like El Portixol’s relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you can smell and feel the sea in all its streets and corners. It is a passing point for all cyclists, joggers or runners using the extensive cycle and walk routes Palma proudly offers.

El Portixol comes to mind when one thinks about why Palma was recently ranked as best place to live in the world by The Sunday Times. Don’t forget to experience it for yourself!

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