Golf Son Muntaner

Son Muntaner is classed as the best golf course in the whole of Mallorca and I am not an expert in golf, but all I can say is the setting is very beautiful. It was created in 2000 and is located between Son Vida and Son Rapinya. It is in an amazingly quiet area as there are only a few detached houses here and there but nothing else that could distract your attention, it is purely residential. In the picture, you can see na Burguesa hill towards the right in the background, which probably has the best views over the city of Palma you can ever get. It also has a very good restaurant, but we will come back to that in due time.

For those into golf, this course offers 18 holes with a total length of 6300 metres. It has 4 lakes and 70 bunkers.

A fun fact about this place is that believe it or not, Son Muntaner is home to the oldest olive tree in the island, which is over 1000 years old and is called Sa Capitana. It is near the 15th tee, so please do make sure you do not break it when shooting one of your balls!

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