Views over Palma from Bellver

Mallorca is a beautiful island and Palma lives up to the island’s reputation being equally stunning. The best way to find out is to go somewhere high so that you can see as much of it as possible. Bingo – the best place for that is Bellver Castle, which is on top of a hill within the city borders. Remember it was placed here for defensive reasons, so you cannot beat this view. In fact, did you know that the word bellver means exactly “pretty view”? We Mallorcans think of every little detail!

You can either take the touristy bus from central Palma or any other bus line that goes along Carrer de Joan Miró, just get off anywhere near Carrer Camilo José Cela and enter the gates to the castle. You can either follow the paved road or venture yourself through the forest until you get to the top of the hill where the castle is. I love taking the trail path, however I know the way, if you do not, try and use a GPS to make sure you are on track. It crosses the paved road a few times so you can always return to the main road if you feel lost.

And the views only get better along the way. Once you make it to the terrace or parking, you will be able to enjoy these amazing views. If you want to get into the castle, you can also go up to the highest level and the views can get even better, but that will be covered in another post.

The hill where Bellver is located is in the west of the city, so in the picture you can see the whole of the city centre and old town, the port, most of the bay and the areas next to the sea. This is one of my favourite views in Mallorca and the city I was born in. Enjoy it too!

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