Illa d’en Sales

Right in one of the most touristy regions of the island of Mallorca (the municipality of Calvià) we find this sheltered beach which overlooks the Illa d’en Sales (island of Sales), a small uninhabited island with no houses or any kind of construction on it. There are a few rowing clubs nearby which use the island as an end point, so it is common to see rowing boats and people swimming around it.

In order to get here and get the same view, take the Ma-1 motorway from the capital and leave at exit 10 (for Costa d’en Blanes and Portals Nous). Aim for the hermitage at Portals Nous or for the beach restaurant and bar called Lila Portals, which might also help you get there. If you visit during the winter or in the not-so-crowded periods, it is a great spot to relax reading a good book or just admiring the beautiful sea views. Just beware, hours can go by quickly!


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  1. Una sola imagen lo dice todo 😉 ¡¡PRECIOSO!!


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