Carrer del Pare Colom Franciscà – Bunyola

Today, we will enjoy something simple. Most villages in Mallorca are different from each other and Bunyola is no different. Quiet, yet close to the capital, green and with an interesting geography, this village lays embedded between mountains. It is located close to the Serra d’Alfàbia, which we visited in a previous post, and you can get to it via the Ma-11, taking the exit right after Hospital Joan March.

Bunyola is a municipality north of Palma, so some of its almost 7,000 inhabitants commute daily to the capital for work. Palma has extended largely towards the north in recent decades, so some areas that we would imagine are part of Palma (as they form a continuous urban sprawl) are actually within the Bunyola municipality, such as Palmanova.

In terms of transport links, the famous wooden train that dates back to 1912 stops at Bunyola station, making it easy to travel to Palma or Sóller (although a bit expensive as it is quite touristy!). There are also regional buses that connect Bunyola with central Palma in over half an hour.

We can see a typical Bunyola street in the picture called Carrer del Pare Colom Franciscà, running parallel to the high street. The tower seen at the background belongs to Sant Mateu church, founded by Ferrer de Pallarès in the XIII century and erected in the XVIII century, kept as we see it now. I can assure you it is a very quiet place!

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