Carrer dels Hostals

It is not sun and warm temperatures in Mallorca (we wish), however when long sunny days come to an end, there is still beautiful things to enjoy in this Mediterranean Spanish island. One of them is walking around Palma’s historical old town centre. It does not matter where you start or where you end, what truly matters is the journey and what you see and feel in its narrow winding streets.

Not far from Plaça Major and the commercial Carrer Sindicat we find Carrer dels Hostals, The nearby Carrer de l’Hostal de l’Estel suggests this area was known for this type of accommodation businesses, which is not the case in today’s Palma, but street naming can help tell the story of a place at times.

In need of a strong revitalisation project, in my opinion, the area might look a bit run-down but due to its central location, there is no wonder it will come sooner or later as the potential is there. Until that happens, we can continue to enjoy the Mediterranean architecture of this part of Palma whether it rains or not, Palma is always surprising at any time of the year!

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