Son Moragues

As we recently visited Valldemossa, we will stay close to this beautiful place to finish off our week. Let’s get out of the village using a rural road we will find close to the Cartoixa (the road gets more and more rural as we go along) as we will go up a hill located south of Valldemossa, in the Serra de Tramuntana.

There is an abandoned chapel in ruins along the way, which is kind of creepy. However, if we continue all the way to the top we will be able to see the sea as well as the road that runs from Valldemossa to the land owned by the archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, who loved Mallorca and established a few possessions in the island, especially around towards the west of Mallorca and the stunning area of Valldemossa and Deià.

In the picture we can see the land of Son Moragues, a typical Mallorcan possessió (this is how farmhouses or grand cottage houses are known in Mallorca) which is currently a restaurant although I am unsure if it is still open or permanently closed, as the internet suggests. Initially, after buying the house, the archduke wanted to create a Museum of the Balearics, however the idea was never accomplished.

The picture is taken on a clear December day and it is easy to see where Mallorca meets the sea. If you like hiking, Mallorca is a great place for that due to the mild winters we have most years. The views are unbeatable, no wonder our beautiful Serra de Tramuntana was declared World Heritage a few years ago!

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