Port d’Andratx bay

About half an hour away from central Palma and at the very start of the magnificent Serra de Tramuntana in the south, we find the opulent area of Port d’Andratx, a beautiful enclosed bay with a luxury port and high-end shops and restaurants. Here you will find some of the most expensive houses in Mallorca and in the whole of Spain, most probably due to the beauty of the place together with good communications with the capital via the Ma-1 motorway, tranquility and a whole array of services. It is also one of the most important spots for nautical tourism as it has one of the most exclusive marinas in Spain.

For those visiting the Port, the area or one of the incredible coves this part of the island can offer (such as Cala EgosCala Moragues and Cala Llamp, which we already visited) and wonder where you can get these amazing views, get to Port d’Andratx and then look for the Mon Port Hotel. At the back of the hotel there is a winding road that goes up the mountain and leads to trails to the Cala Egos cove. Take that road and once you walk for about 20 minutes, you should be able to admire the views. Enjoy!


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