Carrer dels Balladors – Esporles

It is known to all of us by now that Mallorcans love using stones in their constructions, after all we have plenty of it. It is mainly in the stunning villages of the Serra de Tramuntana that we can contemplate it in both roads and houses, and it is beautiful. Mallorca has a reputation for giving an elegant finish to anything made with this type of stones and we saw a splendid example in the neighbouring village of Valldemossa, however Esporles is a lesser-known and less touristy alternative, even closer to the Mallorcan capital.

Only a mere 20 minute drive from Palma via the Ma-1110 at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana we find this stunning village with lots of character and a true Mallorcan spirit. Nicely-paved cobblestone roads, flower decorated façades, lively squares filled with cafés and a beautiful torrent that crosses the village from side to side. Sadly, the only thing it is missing is a beach! A long time ago, the area had a small textile sector, however most of it has now disappeared and factories are being transformed into houses.

Esporles is a real gem that most tourist still don’t know about (keep it quiet for the time being) and this might be the reason why it has managed to preserve its identity and character so well. With only about 5000 inhabitants, it is very close to the capital so it makes a great escape for residents in Palma to get in contact with nature and enjoy a bit of fresh air and quietness. There is an important attraction nearby which I hope to review in the future as it needs a post on its own: la Granja d’Esporles. It is a gorgeous 17th typical Mallorcan mansion or country house on a site known as early as the Roman era due to its natural spring. After Jaume I conquered the island, he divided it into four feudal estates and gave one to Nuno Sanç, which included the area where la Granja is today. In 1239 the Count ceded the estate to Cistercian monks to found Mallorca’s first monastery. We will go into detail once we visit the Granja d’Esporles soon.

For the time being, just enjoy the village!

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