Can Cera Gastro Bar

Right in the centre of Palma we find this beautiful patio (one of the many the city has in its old town) which hosts a stylish restaurant or gastro bar. You can find it in Carrer de Sant Francesc, and it is part of a hotel called Can Cera and it is currently ranked second out of the city hotels. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city as it dates back some 700 years, before Jaume I the Conqueror stepped into the island in 1229.

If you walk down this street, you will most probably be impressed by the beauty of the patio, as well as by the vertical garden you can find in one of the walls. I am sure this is one of the most photographed restaurants in Palma, and no wonder why!

I have not visited the gastro bar myself but I had a look at the menu online and well, it is not extremely expensive but it is on the upper range. They offer a buffet breakfast for over 17 euros which sounds very appealing as I guess it would be of the best quality. Lunch or dinner could consist of tapas, as this is a gastro bar, and I am sure the ambiance goes down very well with your food as it maintains a very true Mallorcan character.

The hotel, as I mentioned, is currently one of the best in the city of Palma but only consists of about 14 rooms, most of them are suits. The architecture is elegant but austere, as the most notable refurbishment done in its over 700 years of age is that of Renaissance style, when its ideas were brought from Italy in the XVII century. A step forward towards making Palma a great quality city destination throughout the whole year!


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  1. One of the best hotels in Palma, I know it well. They also make the best daiquiri ever tasted.

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  2. Really? It is classed as one of the best ones in the city as per TripAdvisor! Have you ever stayed in it? I will have to take your advice on the daiquiri at this place and try it soon!


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