Caló des Moro

Summer is over but it is never late to discover beautiful places in Mallorca. This is Caló des Moro, a small but stunning cove about an hour away from central Palma, towards the south east. It lies in the municipality of Santanyí, one to explore if you are out in the look for stunning beaches or coves.

Leave Palma on the Ma-19 motorway following signs for Llucmajor, which will then turn into Campos and then Santanyí. Once in this southeasterly village, follow signs for Es Llombards until you start seeing signs for the Caló des Moro itself. You shouldn’t get lost!

There is literally very little space to lay down as the sand area is very limited, but it is worth every minute you spend there. In fact, it might be best to avoid the busy months of July and August as it can even be uncomfortable, but if you can make it very early in the day you should have no problems finding a space. It is a very well contained cove, with rocks on either side as well as at the front. You would think you are at a swimming pool. If you get bored, you can always walk for about ten minutes and you would be in beautiful Cala s’Almunia, which is also nearby (I will show you this little cove in a future post). For the time being, enjoy Caló des Moro!

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