Tudurí Pastisseria i Cafè

Not long ago, Carrer Blanquerna, one of the radial streets that lead to central Palma, was pedestrianised so no cars are allowed to drive on it, just across it. This has contributed to creating a more neighbourly feeling in the area, as well as many new businesses being established here. Blanquerna offers nearly 800 metres of cycle lanes, benches to sit down and relax, playing areas for kids and many shops, restaurants and cafés for people to enjoy and spend their money on.

One of the new cafés in the area is Tudurí Pastisseria i Cafè. It is a modern coffee shop and bakery, with a vintage Mallorcan touch, in a cosy environment. It is the perfect place to catch up with your friends (they offer a few big tables which can easily accommodate up to 7 or 8 people), disconnect from your daily routine over a drink and a piece of cake and let your little ones play around (they offer a small table with crayons so that kids can play and paint), or enjoy some Mallorcan patisserie whilst you work or update your blog (or just relax on one of their sofas), as they offer free wifi.

They offer their menu online so you can have a look before even visiting, and you will see they offer a whole range of cakes (which are a steal at just 1,90 EUR a portion), cupcakes, croissants and other Mallorcan sweets. They also do bread with olive oil, tomato spread and your choice of charcuterie, as well as llonguets, the famous small bread with your choice of filling typical from the city of Palma. In terms of drinks, there are different types of coffee and tea, beer, cocktails, smoothies and juices. I love their freshly squeezed orange juice, also for just 1,90 EUR a glass!

Service is great as all their waiting staff are very attentive and friendly, really efficient. You get there, choose a table, sit down and someone will come and take your order after giving you some time to check the menu. You can stay for as long as you want and once you are done, you just come up to the till and pay on your way out. They always serve you with a smile!

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