Carrer des Canonge – Valldemossa

Mallorca is more than sun and sandy beaches, in fact, it is so popular because of its diversity and its many hidden surprises. One of them is Valldemossa, a little cute village just about 24 km (about 20 minutes) north of Palma. It is located in a valley of the grand Serra de Tramuntana, which is now a World Heritage Site, in case you did not know!

After driving through winding roads we are presented with a beautiful postcard, a picturesque village with houses made of stone in the very typical Mallorcan way and surrounded by green fields, ready to leave its visitors impressed by its beauty. After a relaxing walk around the village and its pebbled streets, we can admire little corners like the one on the picture. At Carrer des Canonge, not far from the Avinguda de Palma or the main road, you can see how life is at a village in the Serra de Tramuntana. Peaceful and full of Mallorcan culture, trying to preserve both of them in spite of the large number of tourists that flock to the village every day, especially during the summer months. I could show you dozens of different pictures of this same road, from different angles and focusing on different subjects, but you get the essence – this is Mallorca. In fact, there is a lot more to see in this village, but I will show you in future posts.

The way buildings are constructed, using stones and leaving those beautiful façades, is very characteristic from this particular area of Mallorca (the mountains). You can also see all houses have the same type of wooden shades (usually green), called persianes mallorquines in Catalan, or Mallorcan shades. You would not find them elsewhere in the rest of Spain.

It might be difficult, but it is sometimes possible to find little corners where it seems that time has not passed by. Enjoy them while they last!

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