La Biblioteca de Babel

La Biblioteca de Babel is one of those places you don’t really know how to classify. It is mainly a bookshop, although it does not look like one from the outside, as it looks more like a bar. The name references and honours one of Borges’ fairy tales and the place was inspired by the legacy of the Greeks: literature, wine and democracy. The bookshop, which has over 25.000 books, is focused on humanities and has a large collection of books on mythology, sociology, poetry, memories, travel, economics, narrative… and wine!

As this is also a great wine bar, it also offers specialised and diverse books on the world of wine globally. Not only you can read about wine, but you can also taste it. In fact, they have over 200 different wine references for you to try and they can also offer advice on it if you need it. Furthermore, there are concerts taking place here from time to time, as it is a place to simply enjoy culture at its best.

The place is simply beautiful as it is part of an old XIX building right in the centre of Palma. The little square where it is located, just off Carrer Sant Miquel, is a pleasure to be at. In order to make the most of the stunning surroundings, outdoor seating is available so you can enjoy what you like best: a good book, some good wine and good views! It also has an little French-style terrace which promotes interaction.

The aim of this place, according to the owner, is to enjoy what culture has to offer and discover difficult and essential books that you would not find elsewhere, not even on the internet.


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