Sóller: tramway track

Sóller is a very popular beautiful village laying in a valley north of Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana, which you are most likely to reach using the 1912 wooden electric train departing from Palma, as it is one of the island’s top attractions. Outside Sóller’s Modernist-style station you can then hop on the wooden tramway, built on the same year, that can take you to the village’s port, a few miles away.

The picture is taken as we leave the village to get surrounded by blossom orange trees and green scenery in the stretch between the village and the port. In the background you can see the centre of the village, with the bell tower of the church of Nostra Senyora de l’Olivar.

If you are visiting Mallorca, I totally recommend allowing a day to take the train from Palma to Sóller, explore the village and relax in one of its cafes, have some of its locally produced ice cream, take the tramway to Port de Sóller and enjoy some time in the seaside there.


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  1. I visited Sóller last summer and I loved the village and the tramway! Surely I will visit Mallorca again and I hope it happens soon! Congratulations for your blog.


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