Carrer de Can Serra

Right in the centre of Palma’s old town district we find Carrer de Can Serra, a beautiful Mediterranean-style narrow street that would make you think time has stopped. It is not far away from Plaça de Sant Francesc or Plaça de Santa Eulària, so just venture down to the narrow streets south of those squares and explore the area. This amazing street takes you down to the famous Parc de la Mar after crossing the old town walls, where the cathedral is in front of the artificial lake.

As you walk down, you will see the entrance to the Arab Baths on your left, which I also recommend visiting as part of your visit. You will also see different Mallorcan-style grand buildings, which belonged to rich families back in the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. House prices in central Palma are pretty high and some of the highest in the whole of Spain, but as you start walking in the old town district you will understand why, it is simply stunning.

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