Más Natural

Mallorca is famous for its top quality Mediterranean food and this modern restaurant called Más Natural stands out. Do not expect high prices, Majorcans love their food and they appreciate affordable prices as well, so this is where this restaurant comes into place. It is right in the centre of Palma at Plaça d’Espanya and it is always busy (you can guess why), so make sure you either book in advance or turn up early, noting dinner tends to be from 9 to 10 PM in the island.

You can find pictured one of my favourite dishes at Más Natural, it is one that allows you to mix three salads of your choice, in case you are indecisive like me! I tend to always go for the amb denominació (typical Majorcan, with sobrassada and cheese) and the italiana salads, as they are my favourite ones, and then choose a different one every time as my third one. They have plenty of them to choose from!

This is how it works, you either create your own salad by choosing a base (rice, leaves or pasta), all your ingredients and a sauce, you select one of the dozens of already designed salads or you go for the mixed one, whereby you can choose a smaller portion of three different ones. You can find a good menu here, which also shows mouthwatering photos of the dishes available!

They also do small sandwiches and wok-style dishes with noodles and vegetables. Their desserts are to die for! You need to try their banoffee pie, it is one of the best I have tried! All in all, it is one of my favourite restaurants in the city of Palma and I try and visit as often as I can. As it is very centrally located, it is a great option for lunch before taking a train from the nearby Estació Intermodal or an awesome place for dinner after a long shopping day! If you are in a rush, it is good to note they also take orders online and have them ready for you to pick up at your convenience.


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  1. This looks amazing! I’m gutted I didn’t know about this place before I visited Palma – I’d definitely have gone. Will put it on the must do list for next time I’m in the city!


    • I guess it is one just the locals know about, Becky! Even if it is central, it is not touristy and you can tell by their great prices. I would never get tired of trying their extensive number of different salads so I hope you enjoy it next time you’re in Mallorca!


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