Cala Llamp

Cala Llamp is one of the many rock beaches you can also find in Mallorca (yes, not all of them are white sand beaches, Mallorca has got it all), but this is a special one as this one also offers some natural rock pools where you can relax before going into the main sea.

This stunning cove is located a stone’s throw away from the stylish Port d’Andratx in the south west of the island. Port d’Andratx features great restaurants and cafes, a yacht port and really good hotels, but it does not have a proper beach. This is when Cala Llamp comes in handy and it is just over 2 kilometres away. Just take the Camí Vell de Cala Llamp from Port d’Andratx and you’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

It is best if you try and go there early in the day as it has limited space and it can get busy during the summer months. Beware the whole area is rocky so do not expect anywhere soft for you to lay on, unless you bring your beach mattress with you. Cala Llamp has a shell-shape which gives way to the water, which is instantly a few metres deep, making this a great place for snorkelling and for jumping from the rocks into the water (always check there are no rocks inside the water).

It is home to a beach club called Gran Folies, which offers sun beds for about 9 euros a day and a swimming pool you can enjoy too. It also has a restaurant with beautiful views (obviously) but note it may not be exactly cheap.

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