Es Rebost

There are great old traditional places to eat in Mallorca, but there are also more recent ones which are just as good. In Es Rebost, located at the elegant Avinguda Jaume III in central Palma, you can enjoy the best of Majorcan food with a modern touch. I personally love their menu, they describe themselves as a restaurant which provides Majorcan Etno-food and pride themselves on the fresh ingredients they use. Es Rebost also provides gluten-free and vegetarian options to cater all type of clients.

They are a complete 2.0 restaurant and this is something I really like. I wish more and more restaurants and cafes were like this one when it comes to being visible on the internet and social networks. They use social media, they have a great website where you can see what they offer and where you can have a look at their full menu in 5 different languages! See their menu in English here. Apart from that, they offer free wifi to their clients, as well as an iPad corner where you can use one of their devices whilst you have your drink or food, read the newspapers they get every day or charge your phone. All of that at no extra cost. If you are unable to stay and enjoy the ambiance, you can also order drinks and food to take away and they can even prepare savoury or sweet food for business meetings if you let them know 24 hours in advance!

My experiences at this restaurant have always been great and I truly love their food. It is slightly more expensive than other restaurants off Jaume III, but you get what you pay for, food is delicious and you get all the services I mentioned before. Last time I visited, I went for a Latte Es Rebost (with almond milk, orange, lemon and almond zest), a yogurt with granola and a chicken sandwich. They all look great, as you can see!

Be sure to try a llonguet. This is a typical and unique (you will not find it anywhere else, not even in Mallorca) type of bread made in the city of Palma which serves as a snack in the middle of your morning and can be had with a drink. There was a recent social media campaign called “Orgull Llonguet” (Llonget Pride) to try and promote this typical snack and they even organised a first Fair of the Llonguet recently. A tradition that is determined to stay due to social support. More to come on this truly native bread of Palma in the future!

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