Caló des Grells

Hot weather calls for sea views, or at least that is what we Majorcans think. We find Caló des Grells to the west of the city of Palma, near the area of Portopí. In order to get here, we can take the Carretera del Dic de l’Oest from the Portopí roundabout and continue until we see a car park to our right. From there, we will get the views you see in the picture.

Caló des Grells is actually a small cove down the view point where the picture is taken. You can access it using the wooden staircase you see on the right and it is a great place to relax or read a good book whilst listening to the sound of the sea. Not a lot of people know about it (it is totally unknown to tourists) so it is fairly quiet. Keep the secret!

We have a decent view of the western side of the city and you can actually see the areas of Sant Agustí, Cas Català and Illetes, where Palma officially ends to give way to the municipality of Calvià. It is a stunning view where sea, city and mountains all meet together, isn’t it?

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