Passeig Dalt Murada

Palma is one of those unique cities that still keeps part of its old medieval walls that once surrounded the old town. The grand cathedral lies towards the southern area and the sea used to arrive to the very walls, allowing the cathedral to reflect on the sea naturally. The pedestrianised area on top of the walls is called Passeig Dalt Murada on that stretch and the picture is taken from there. Towards the 1970s, a big development plan projected an important park in this area of the city, which also featured a motorway (Autopista de Llevant) which would be built on the sea. The space left between the newly-built motorway and the city walls was left as an artificial lake with a small connection to the sea and the park was created around it. It is now one of the favourite parks of the city residents. You can see the lake in the picture.

It offers a great view of the bay, the motorway, the Moll Vell (Palma’s old dock) and some of the maritime buildings in the area, such as the Capitania Marítima de Palma, the building on the right, above the lake. You can also get to see Bellver Castle, which is on top of a hill towards the middle of the picture.

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