Cala del Mago

One of the most impressive coves we can find around the capital is Cala del Mago. It is in the municipality of Calvià, not far from the famous resort of Magaluf (but very different to it). You can get here taking the Ma-1 road westbound and leaving at the Magaluf exit, then following the signs for Sol de Mallorca. There are two beaches next to each other, Cala del Mago and Portals Vells. There is a small bit of sand as well as rocks where you can lay in, we saw people sunbathing and reading on the rocks but you better bring something to lay on or I guess it can get a bit uncomfortable!

I took this picture in April and you can see how nice the weather was – there were already small yachts around. People (well, just those lucky enough to own a yacht) sail from other parts of the island to this little cove, drop anchor nearby and just enjoy the nice environment. Beware this is a nude beach, although nobody will bother you if you are wearing clothes, just do not get surprised if you see naked people around.

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