Mallorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Hello and welcome to my new photoblog: Living Mallorca. The aim of this blog is to show you the island of Mallorca from a different perspective to the one you usually find out there. Posts will always be accompanied by a photo taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Each photo will tell a story. We will visit some of the most famous landmarks of Mallorca and we will explore the less known areas. We will learn about its monuments and rich history, walk along its streets, let its beaches wake up our senses, discover its cities, enjoy the quaint little villages and, of course, sit back and relax in its restaurants and cafes.

This is a live story of Mallorca told by a Majorcan living away from it. As it usually happens, the longer I have been abroad, the more I love the island and the more I realise what an incredible paradise it is. I hope this helps you realise that too. Whether you are thinking about visiting Mallorca, are a frequent visitor or currently live there, this photoblog aims to appeal to all of you.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you need any information about Mallorca, I will be more than happy to help!

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